1st Working Day (at home)

January 2, 2008

My job caused us to lead quite a nomadic life since 2001. We have worked and lived in countries like the Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland and Italy.  This has resulted is an administrative mess with respect to our taxes, savings, pension and insurances. While waiting for more news from the hospital have I kept myself busy with cleaning our home, especially our administration of previous years. I also had a close look at out (digital) picture and video collection. It is amazing what I found and subsequently could throw away. 

Now that our administration and collections are in mint condition and my medical situation is rather stable have I decided to look for a new challenge: work! I agreed with my manager what I can do and under which conditions and today was supposed to be my first working day in the office. As I’m not allowed to drive did I last night check several public transport websites for the proper train-bus connection and the associated departure and arrival times.

Unfortunately I felt not well at all this morning (very tired, a sore throat and pain in my right leg) so I decided to stay at home. I have worked most of the day on the tasks given to me, called around to chase actions and have made a backup of my office laptop harddisk. I feel pretty good and will make another attempt to get to the office tomorrow.


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