January 10, 2008

My second day in Rome started off with a quick breakfast without cappuccino as the hotel’s coffee machine was broken. Bummer. There is nothing better than a nice cup of cappuccino and dipping one or two croissants (called cornetto in Italy) in it. I was picked up by “my” driver at the agreed time and driven to the office. A lot of meetings and work later it was time for a simple lunch with two panini (one with mozzarella and tomato, the other with spinach). I left early in the afternoon, went back to the hotel, made a few calls and was picked up by the taxi for a visit to a close friend in the centre of Rome.

His wife cooked a great risotto for me with fungi porchini and crema di fungi porchini. She made a very different risotto than I make and I had therefore an excellent opportunity to learn from her. Within no-time the kitchen smelled great and the risotto had a wonderful taste. The next course consisted of different kinds of cheese with spicy and sweet marmalade’s and to complete the meal they had bought a semifreddo of grapefruit and orange. Absolutely fantastic. It is a shame that I’m not allowed to drink alcohol as a grappa after the semifreddo would have done nicely.


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