The flu worsens

January 20, 2008

The flu has become a lot worse last night and I haven’t slept a lot due to severe headaches.  Every time I blow my nose my frontal sinuses get pressurized but as my ostia seem to be blocked is that pressure not (immediately) released. Such pain and nothing you can do about it. When landing in Rome during my recent trip to Italy I had the same problem. When lying  in bed on my back snot (nasal mucus) is slowly dripping in my throat. I hope this doesn’t happen while in the MEG and/or fMRI.

That the flu doesn’t get better probably means that I will not be going to Spain at the end of next next week with my good friend. So no golf, great food and relaxation. I write this while the rain is beating against the windows and while knowing that in Spain it will be dry and relatively warm. Who said that life is fair :-)?


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