Org Chart: Done!

January 25, 2008

Done! I finished the draft org chart for my region! By asking all managers for feedback on preliminary versions of the org chart for their departments was I able to checked and reconfirm all the data that was provided to me. I did add a few columns to the excel table to introduce the manager-staff relation for everybody, created a customized template in MS-Visio and page definitions and last night at 2:30am (!) I automatically generated the org chart for Europe. Unfortunately not all pages of the org chart look like what I hoped for. I think that is because of the limited functionality of the MS-Visio Org Chart logic. But anyways it looks splendid after a few minutes of pulling some of the staff boxes around. Much less work than creating an org chart from scratch.

Working long hours is not good for my cold and neither for my headaches. We see my sleeping pattern change: getting up later and later and thus going to bed later and later. My cold is not over yet. I heard yesterday that a flu epidemic is expected in Europe. I believe that the reporter mentioned that in Holland a flu epidemic is declared in case more than 200.000 individuals are suffering from flu. I think I’m one of these patients. Man, do I feel louzy. I’m off to bed soon.


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