Splitting headache

January 26, 2008

Got up with a splitting headache this morning. Had to take two pain killers and went back to bed as the pain didn’t become less. Only several hours later it did drop to acceptable levels. I have to do something about this. It is hard to imagine that it related to the tumor, the headache sits right, the tumor should be located on the left. So I’m still convinced that is a nasty persistent sinusitis.

Despite the lingering headache still a productive day. Well, productive-ish that is. Worked a bit on “the memo” but inspiration didn’t kick in. My PC is getting slower and I’ve spend a lot of money on software utilities and programmes that, according to those that should know (PC-Active, PC-Magazine, CT, Chip), should clean the PC registry, de-clutter my memory and hard-disk and replace excessive memory using software. The result is zero (and I’m afraid it is even getting worse). Why do these wizards never give examples that make sense (in my situation)?

iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Another example of IT trouble: a very close friend (Maurizio Calderone) gave me an iPod Touch. I’m a Microsoft user (not a Microsoft addict!) so it took me some time to get the hang of the typical Apple user interface but once I did could I juggle with iPod and iTunes like a professional. The iPod Touch is a wonderful gadget. Recently Apple started sending me e-mails about a software upgrade for the Touch. They released new applications for things like weather and stock.

I followed the instructions to the letter but the installation process could not be completed. I tried whatever I could but no reaction from the iPod. I browsed the Internet for information on the error code and found that I’m not the only one with the problem. After several days I read on Apple support website that I should try to recover the iPod from another PC. It seems to work now: iPod recovered but it only wants to connect to that PC. I just like things to work, especially when day after day your fuse is getting shorter.


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