Neuro-Psychological Check

January 31, 2008

I had prepared myself for a easy check today. No tunnels and other complex apparatus, just a 2-hour check answering questions on how I feel and exercises to decide where my brain has gone. It turned out to be a nerve wracking experience. I met with the head of Neuro-Psychology in and his assistant, both friendly and capable persons. During the introductions the head was called away so that left me with the assistant. I was asked to perform a series of tests that challenged my cognitive functions like the ability to concentrate, learn and plan but also reaction speed, work, memory etc.

The test were very different and often very demanding. I had a hard time with most tests related to memory and got very upset about my inability to memorize and reproduce multiple series of numbers. At one moment during a writing test was I physically unable to write a word (pen stuck on paper) whereas I could ‘see’ the proper spelling of the word. Prior to the tests had we discussed the effect of Keppra on concentration and emotion already. I now believe that the effect is much stronger than I thought.

I will get the results of this Neuro-Psychological check from the Neuro-Surgeon on the 19th of February. The test will be repeated in 6 months to see what (positive) effect surgery has had on my cognitive functions.


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