February 5, 2008

I commented on something Cybertcm wrote in his Blog. After a few days did I receive a lengthy explanation and set of instructions. I never asked for this. It is a nice example of the unexpected warm support I get from people I know but didn’t consider a friend and even people I didn’t know, like Cybetcm. Cybertcm must have studied my blog, collected my symptoms and complaints and has written the explanation and instructions. That must have taken time and energy that he was willing to spend on me. Someone he has never met.

How unbelievable kind is that? Since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor have several people reacted in a similar way. I received expensive and creative gifts, some friends travelled a long distance by plane to cheer me up, I was invited for a pop concerts, a good friend invited me for a fun weekend abroad, others volunteered drive me as I’m no longer allowed to drive a car.

Cybertcm suggests a treatment that aims to remove phlegm, improve blood circulation and to improve heart and body strength. I don’t want to include his advice in my blog as I consider that unfair (if you’re interested then please contact him directly through his blog) but his advice makes sense to me. Cybertcm. thanks so very much for your help!


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