February 11, 2008

I’ve not written anything for some time. Just because I was busy with life. Great! I was invited by a one of my best friends for a long weekend to Spain (150 km South of Barcelona). We had a great time as we played golf, had wonderfully in-depth conversations and ate fantastic food. 

The last time I played golf was in Japan while working there, nearly 20 years ago. A driving range on top of a tall building from where you were supposed to hit balls in huge green nets. I took a few lessons but they were more lessons in Jenglish than golf lessons. I think I once or twice made an attempt to play the full 18 holes but for sure I never made it.

Nearly 20 years ago I already had a short fuse and nobody had heard of anger management. The fourth hole had a horrible water hazard and I lost a lot of balls in it. I was so upset and angry that I, in blind fury, drove my expensive 2nd hand Lynx driver into the ground. Or so I though. Because in fact my driver slammed into my golf bag that was lying on the grass and I lost all clubs except a putter. My partner couldn’t stop laughing and that aggravated me even more. I had to follow him for the remaining 14 holes as he had the keys to the little Japanese car he owned at the time.

This time things went much better. My friend, a very experienced golfer, tried to teach me how to position my feet, how to grab the grip, how to swing and especially how to follow through properly. To all avail. After 30 minutes of trying I gave up and decided to go for my own style. The first day I lost a few balls and didn’t score on 16 out of 18 holes. The second day was different. We were practically alone on the golf course, hardly any wind and plenty of sunshine. I felt like Tiger Woods as in the end I ‘scored’ a 103 on a par 54 course. I did become angry from time to time but not nearly as much as on that day 20 years ago.

My dear friend, thanks for the wonderful weekend and the therapy!


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