February 17, 2008

I had not seen my parents for over a week so I decided to make the trip by train to the village where they live. My dad picked me up from the station and was obviously nervous as he was talking a lot. My parents had prepared a great lunch and while we were eating my mother asked if there was anything they, my parents, could do for me. She was referring to the period of surgery and recovery. I was not prepared for the question, I hadn’t given this any thought.

In one of my previous posts (Bits and Bobs) I already explained the complex issue (for me) to keep my family properly informed. Their question however was in which way they could be involved. I realized that until now I had always aligned my partner and family members (not that there was much to align apart from the annual Christmas and New Year hassle). It is just that my wife is not much of a party animal but my parents and sister enjoy the family festivities. I have always been the one to work out those differences with diplomacy.

However during the probably stressful day of my surgery and the a period of my recovery will I unable to focus on those around me. How will they cope and will they cope? Should I just not bother? Tuesday will I hear what the verdict is. I hope I will have the time to make some final adjustments to the master plan. I feel like in a canoe while it is speeding up towards the unavoidable rapids ..


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