February 18, 2008

Tomorrow will I hear the outcome of all the tests I hated so much: MRI, fMRI, MEG and Neuro-Psychological Tests. Peanuts in retrospect. Peanuts compared to tomorrow because tomorrow I will hear the outcome. I would like to think that it is the beginning of a new life rather the end of the old. I’m not superstitious but now I am. I don’t know what to expect. What will I write tomorrow around this time? I dare not think about the many possibilities.

Life around me continues at the same speed, it is me that has slowed down. Will I get the opportunity to merge with my old life again? Should I want that to happen or does it not matter what I want anymore? I dare not make promises to myself. I feel that I have almost come to a complete stop. Some friends are planning their holiday, others are fighting for their job. It is so unimportant what we do, we make so little difference. How can I mobilize the energy in myself, the energy that I need to move on. Should I want to do so.

Tomorrow will I hear the result. I hope to hear that surgery, the awake craniotomy, is still a valid possibility. That the tumor has not grown. That the prognosis is still good. I’ll keep you informed.


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