1st Degree Reiki

February 21, 2008


Back in December I informed my team, manager and colleagues that I was diagnosed with a Glioma. My manager and good friend offered to consolidate all reactions from colleagues and friends and to forward these to me. I had expected some reactions but never expected to receive so many kind and warm wishes from family and friends all over the world. One of these reactions was from a colleague who was one of my team members back in 1998. We lost touch in 2001 until we met each other in December last year after I rejoined the company. It is amazing how things can go.

In his message he offered to treat me with Reiki as he was (and is) convinced that he could help me. I was moved and honoured by his offer and gladly accepted it. During my first Reiki experience did he introduce me to his aunt, a Reiki master. Together they gave me my first Reiki treatment and it was a warm relaxing experience indeed although I must say that I didn’t feel quite comfortable with the card readings and other techniques used by his aunt. During the Reiki treatment I felt so relaxed that I fell asleep.

I appreciated his honest and objective view of Reiki. Reiki comes across as “clean”. After that first experience my Reiki friend has treated me several times, even in the office, and every time did it have a pain relieving and relaxing effect. He told me about the possibility to treat yourself and what is needed for that: to be taught how to become a 1st degree Reiki practitioner. I wanted this badly as I live far from my Reiki mentor and as I prefer to be independent. For that reason my mother and I went to see his aunt today and we spend most of the day at her house. We went through several rituals and practiced on each other and at the end of the day we received a certificate.

This is however not the end but the beginning of my experience with Reiki. I must practice Reiki twice daily to gain enough experience to make it really work for myself. And that is where my my problem lies. I simply can’t concentrate on the procedure as, apart for reasons of physical discomfort, I’m unable to clear my mind. This is not only the case with Reiki but also with doing sports or concentrating on anything that is not channeling my thoughts. It’s sad that this is the case as in these last months before surgery I should be doing fun and good things.


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