Depressed and angry

February 29, 2008

My family and friends call us a lot but due to the irregular life I often miss these calls. Or I take the call, promise to call back at a more convenient time and then don’t. I often don’t feel like calling back although I appreciate it very much that people call me. I don’t like to answer obvious questions that I can’t answer anyway and my situation is not very good. I have severe headaches and become angry with silly things, normally decisions under pressure. In such situations I can’t express myself and do I freak out. I can no longer motivate myself to see the good things in life. If others try to be positive I get angry. I sleep a lot and have lost interest in things that used to interest me a lot. I am angry with what I have to go through. As if I’m the only going through this. I’m such an arrogant bastard!


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