So sad

March 3, 2008

Restaurant BlackWe had a pretty quiet weekend together. On Saturday we went for breakfast at an Asian supermarket and on Sunday we had lunch with my parents and my sister and my brother in law in a restaurant called Black in Naarden (The Netherlands).

They have fantastic scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese. We had a good time. After lunch we went home and enjoyed the view of airplanes dancing in strong winds and sunny weather.

Today I had to work on a politically correct memo and answer a number of e-mails. After dinner Monling and I went to the supermarket in our neighbourhood. She didn’t agree with the type of bread that I wanted to buy and that made me angry. So angry that she had to cry. Cry so very much that I felt very sad as well. We both did. For completely the same and absolutely different reasons. Sooner or later our paths will separate.

She told me that I used to be more friendly and used to agree with her more. Before. I can remember that, still. Our lives have changed already and we can’t undo the reasons why. I need to be more friendly but instead my initial emotion seems to be anger. It scares the hell out of me. What else has changed?


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