Neurology or Rheumatology?

March 4, 2008

Over the last few weeks the pain in my lower back and legs has become worse, especially in my right knee. When I have to get up in the morning is it very hard to get out of bed. My right foot doesn’t want to co-operate and I’m unable to swing my leg out of bed. The same thing happens in the evening: my leg simply doesn’t want to go to bed. I have to perform a complex roll to make that happen. During the day it is easier to manipulate my leg although getting in and out the car is not that easy. I have to pull on my jeans to support the muscles of my leg.

I’m sure that my rheumatism has something to with it but I’m equally sure that my brain tumor is at least partially causing this. I have however no clue in which way the tumor and rheumatism interact. I’m currently taking 15mg MTX a week, folic acid and a daily dose of Arcoxia against the pain (not sufficient).

So today I went to see my Rheumatologist. It seems that my problem is neither related to the rheumatism nor to the neurological effects of the tumor. According to him my tendons and muscles in my leg and lower back are strain. Perhaps because I have started to walk in a different way because of the loss of right motor function, perhaps because I have worked out in the gym too much without taking this into account. He prescribed a different medication (1000mg Naproxen a day) and referred me to a Physiotherapist. I hope that there is still enough time left for the Physiotherapist to help me.


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