I’m a Robot

March 11, 2008


Do you know the song “Robot” from Tatu? The text is something like “Ya tebya vklyuchu I poleteli, Robot Robot, V tvoem serdtse elaktronnye meteli, Poleteli  poleteli” (I will turn you on and lets fly, Robot Robot, There are electronic storms in your heart, Lets fly). That song was constant on my mind today as I was working with a friend on a new software version for a model robot made with Lego Mindstorms NXT. We didn’t use the standard GIU that Lego provides to make programming easy but a special kind of compiler. Absolutely ‘funtastic’. When I got up this morning I had severe pains in my right leg and I seriously considered to cancel my visit to my friend. Fortunately I changed my mind as we had a good time. Thanks Eric-Jan for the super day!

Today I was called again by my one and only member of staff with more upsetting news on my project. The project has clearly been hijacked, my formal role has informally been undermined and it appears that some of my colleagues whom I have never met before have a negative opinion about me. I don’t understand why their energy is focused inward whereas the real challenges can and should be found outside the company. They have started building their little empires, their fortresses of power again whereas we just had to lay off a large number of staff. I shouldn’t mind but I do. Because it is all so unnecessary. Darn! Maybe I should be more of a robot?


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