Spanners in the works

March 12, 2008

The Physiotherapist from the Rheumatology Institute called to make an appointment for an intake tomorrow morning at 8am. I gladly accepted that invitation. The intake will take one to two hours. I’m excited as I ‘feel’ that my Rheumatologist is right with his verdict. With the right advise and perhaps some exercises I may be able to regain part of my mobility!

During the pre-operative screening on the 28th of February I asked for the possibility to deposit my own blood (predeposited autologus blood). I received a set of forms that I didn’t quite understand. What was clear thought is that it takes about 5 weeks to deposit the right volume of blood. As the unplanned and unconfirmed date of the surgery draws nearer (second half of April) was I afraid that this could delay the date of the surgery. So I called the hospital to discuss this and found out that I’m not in their planning for the next 5 weeks! I’m so depressed! I don’t want to think that this means that the tumor is growing and perhaps turns into a tumor of a higher grade.

I was picked up from home by a friendly colleague who lives just 500m aways from me and he drove me to the office. I had to go to the office to attend a meeting with colleagues from the UK but due to the storm was their plane delayed. No meeting. Darn! I also learned that despite the fact that my manager defended my position in the Salesforce project the hijacking continues. I was upset for a while again but the decided that it was no longer my fight. I decided to no longer work for my company before surgery.

I explained this to my manager tonight when he called me and he fully agrees. He was very good at motivating me and fortunately had plenty of work to do away from the ‘professionals’ in the centre. Wait and See!


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