Stretching the Adductor Longus

March 20, 2008

This morning it was time for my second appointment with the physiotherapist. She explained that especially the muscles and tendons in my right inner thigh are very tense. She suggested to work on that first. I agreed not knowing what I got myself into: a lot of pain! She told me that these are one of the most sensitive and largest tendons and muscles. I can only agree with her now. 

She worked her way through the muscles and tendons, stretched them to the max and after 20 minutes the result was great. Unfortunately this little lady will be on holiday for the next 6 weeks, travelling through South America. I hope her successor will be as skilled as she is. By the way this clear illustration is from the website eOrthopod, a great source of information by the Medical Multimedia Group. Great work guys!


One comment

  1. What were the stretches!!! Plenty of information about the other major leg muscles can be found, but these, very little.

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