Seizure II

March 22, 2008

Yesterday, while feeding the cats, I was struck by a seizure (for the second time). I felt the seizure coming and was able to tell my wife to call an ambulance before the convulsions really started. I didn’t loose consciousness (neither did I bit my tongue etc.) but after the seizure I was unable to move my right arm, hand and leg like this first time in Japan. The fire brigade had to come to transport me out of our house through a window on the first floor. Must have been quite a show, the whole neighbourhood was present. Under different circumstances I may have enjoyed it as well.

I was taken to the same hospital where I went before (the hospital that will perform the surgery). On the first aid department of the hospital we had to wait for hours. Blood-pressure was high (170 over 100) and once a nurse was able to get a blood sample through the IV (finally she gave up and used a normal needle) all lab results proved normal. I had a Posticatal Paresis (a partial paralyzes that happens especially in case of a clonic-tonic attack) in my right leg. Slowly I recovered the feeling in my arm and hand but my leg remained paralyzed.

My parents came and when it became clear that walking the stairs at home would be no option did they volunteer to get me some support equipment to turn our downstairs into a bedroom/toilet/bathroom. They had a hard time finding the home care center and were only just in time. Thanks guys for the trouble!

The Neurologist on duty called my Neuro-Surgeon and they agreed to perform a CT scan. One scan without and one with contrast liquid. The outcome was an Cerebral Oedema and a slight Midline Shift. I’m especially concerned about the midline shift as this is a condition where one side of the brain pushes aside the other.

The Neurologist prescribed an increase of Keppra (500mg 2 times daily has become 500mg 3 times daily) and Dexamethason (4mg twice daily). Dexamethasone is is used to counteract the development of Oedema. I will be contacted by the team of Neuro-Surgeons to discuss the way forward.

I hope that this seizure at least increases my priority. Especially the The Cerebral Oedema may be caused by a partial increase of the grade of the Glioma (from grade 2 to a partial 3). I was allowed to go home, had a delicious dinner made by my sweetheart and went to bed.


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