What has changed?

March 23, 2008

I feel much better than expected today but there are a few noticeable differences. First of all continuous hiccups. This was worrying me yesterday already by I was too tired to think much of it. As the only new type of medication was the Dexamethasone today I searched the Internet for clues. I found several. Apparently the Dexamethasone may trigger hiccups. In the article the hiccups were suppressed with low dose oral Metoclopramide. I must call the hospital what to do about these hiccups.

Dexamethasone is also used to treat many inflammatory and autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. I’m now wondering if there is anything I can or should change to the medication for my Rheumatism. In the end I’m taking quite a high dose of Metatroxate (15mg per week) and Naproxen (1000mg per day).

My leg has recovered a lot but control over micro-movement (especially rotating the ankle joint and bending the knee) are even more affected (have become worse).  My right arm feels “heavy” which could mean that the Glioma is approaching the functional areas for initiation and control of my right arm. I’m typing this entire post without break so it may no as bad as it may seem.


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