March 25, 2008

This morning, as agreed, the Neuro-Oncology Nurse called me to inform me that the Neuro-Surgeon was called away for emergency surgery in another hospital and that therefore no meeting had taken place. She confirmed that I was on the list of cases to be discussed tomorrow.

I informed her about what happened last Friday (Seizure II) and we discussed this. She seemed considerably concerned about the increase of Keppra and even more about the Dexamethasone. I also told her about my right arm, the fact that my leg had become a bit better and speech had not improved. I also told her that according to the First Aid Neurologist there was a chance that my Glioma had turned into a (partial) grade 3. She didn’t react to that but told me she was quite sure that my priority was going to go up significantly tomorrow.

My wife just came back from the pharmacy and she told me that it took them a long time to help her. They warned her about the effect of Dexamethasone and Naproxen on my stomach, despite the use of Pantoprazol. We had already decided that Dexamethasone and Naproxen was too much and as Dexamethasone seems to work against Rheumatism as well we stopped with the Naproxen. This confirms that we did the right thing. By the way: they don’t sell Dexamethasone in tablets larger than 1.5mg and according to the patient information leaflet a dose of 8mg per day is for serious cases. Nice. I hope that the hospital knows what it is doing.

My new physiotherapist is much more gentle but as the leg seems to have improved he didn’t need to have to be rough. After about 15 minutes of massage I did 10 minutes on a home trainer (that went well) and the last few minutes with my right foot on the seat of a rowing simulator. I’ll try to make a picture for you, it is impossible to explain. The exercise is complex as it is forcing me to make a combination of moves that are hardly possible in my case. Still I believe that I should try. Conscious movement may replace unconscious movement. Remind me of that picture!


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