Life Insurance and Pension

March 27, 2008

The end of last year I transferred from our legal entity in Italy to our legal entity in the Netherlands and, in combination with my medical situation, this proved to be a major challenge to arrange the corporate Life Insurance and Pension. But good news everybody, thanks to the help of Fabio, Bas, Frans and Eric-Jan all is arranged well in time for surgery. It was a hell of a job well done! Thanks very much guys! 

Yesterday I also started to work on the preparation for the refund of the Italian Social charges. The Social Security system in Italy is far more complex than the Dutch one (or so it seems). Fabio had prepared the (mostly Italian) documents and I just had to understand, fill out and put my signature underneath. This proved to be an exercise of mounting difficulty: I was unable to put a signature on the documents. Probably a problem with right micro-hand movement. I thought maybe I must just try a few times and pick the best one and scan it. This is the best result so far, an incomplete signature.


Now I’m the first to admit that my signature is far from elegant and way too complex. I tried to imitate the signature of my father who used to be teacher-director (like his father before him). Tried but failed. His is the most beautiful signature I’ve ever seen. Anyways, this raises an awkward problem: will the mircro-movement of my right hand be restored after surgery so that I can place the signature I have in my passport again or will I have to revert to a more simple signature (a little cross ..). And if that is the case, then which legal or administrative process will I have to follow to get that new signature legalized or replace the old one? Any ideas?


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