March 28, 2008

tora.jpgWe have three Persian cats. One is a tomcat. He has long white hair, most of the time a bad breath, his name is Tora and he sleeps in my bed. Some of my friends know, even a few guys in the office know and they are surprised or just feel it is plain disgusting. Which it probably is but please consider that he has only access to a very clean balcony and that we groom him well. In the evening he waits near the bed room door and takes his usual place: first under the blanket to warm up and then occupying an ever increasing part of my pillow. I love my tomcat.

I’m 47 years old and I have always loved to live and work in international environments: I met my Taiwanese princess in Japan, we married in Taiwan, I worked in countries like Belgium, Ireland, Poland and we did both (live and work) in e.g. Italy and the Czech Republic. During these journeys have we met a lot of people and in most cases have we kept in touch. Most of the members of my Czech Team are still good friends, tonight two friends from my Polish Team come to visit me and I get regular visits from colleagues, partners and customers (now all friends) from Italy and the Netherlands. I love my friends.

The strong and positive support from spouse, family (thanks Marjolijn for supporting our parents and me and being such a cool understanding person!!), friends and pets :-) is overwhelming. People from all walks of life each with characteristic behaviours, some are serious and some just make me laugh (especially Giuseppe and Simon) and so many suddenly reappear in my life, like they never have been away, like flowers in the dessert after rare rain. And for those that soon will leave: I’ll wait for your return: Godspeed to you Frits and Regine on your ambitious trip around the world and to you Anke (be careful in Iran). 

I probably will write about this again and again. Because it is such a special topic. Because I truly appreciate your efforts to make my situation easier for me.



  1. This is an inspiring website and I’m sorry I haven’t been back here lately.

    I see you now have an operation date, which is fantastic. I know a little bit about brain tumours because my father had a secondary growth (from melanoma) about 7 years ago.

    He struggled to persuade anyone to operate at first, but finally he did find a surgeon.

    He couldn’t drive for a year afterwards. But now he drives, plays golf and travels and walks for miles – an achievement for many a 79 year old in good health.

    We share the same age, and I have two three month old kittens.

    None of this is really relevant, but it makes me think. Thank you for writing your story, and I’ve returned your compliment by adding you to my blogroll.

    All best wishes from London, and spirits up.

  2. Hey Roads,

    Thanks for passing by and taking the time to comment on my Blog.

    Ever since I found your website am I intrigued by your style in writing. You write at the same time about your past and future from a fixed point in time. I find it refreshing that you ‘dare’ to write these past and future posts in chronological way. I tried it as well but my result is messy whereas yours is obviously perfect. Perhaps you seem to know the entire story and I still have to find the end.

    You may have seen that I’m more have copied bits and pieces. I have not yet found the time to track my story back to the past like you but I’m certainly planning to. I hope I will be given the time to complete it. Because there is a major difference between our Blogs: although we both write do we also have opposite roles. Great idea for a script I think.

    I can tell you that even our fathers share the same age, this is getting scary :-). From what you write it seems that you’re much like your father. Both very dedicated, resolute when facing the different challenges you do or did. I’m glad to have met you and I’m looking forward to the development of your story. One fine day we should have a pint together and have a meal and talk about this unique coincidence.

    It is an honour and a pleasure to have met you here,

  3. We have nearly the same father’s birthday, too, as it happens – 11.04. And mine is in October, in case you’re wondering.

    Thanks for your encouragement about my writing. I’ve had 11 years to write this stuff. The first draft looked rather different and much more rough.

    And although I pride myself on being OK with languages (for a Brit, at least) I could never write more than a paragraph in anything other than English without sounding like Asterix bei den Briten

    And a pint sounds good. I get to Holland every once in a while (it was 37C when I was in Rotterdam the summer before last) and I still have some thirst to quench from then.

  4. Deal!

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