My Father’s Birthday

March 29, 2008


To celebrate his 79th birthday my father invited us (most members of the family, including my aunt) for dinner in a restaurant in ‘s Graveland called ‘t Swaentje (The Little Swan). Wonderful food, friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere. I was afraid of ’emotional’ situations but nothing happened. We has a very pleasant evening. I was glad to be home though and went straight to bed. 

It was especially nice since my aunt was there as well. We (my aunt and I) hardly ever meet each-other. We (my wife and I) have been travelling a lot abroad over the years and we’re clumsy with birthdays (forget them, don’t know when to go, too tired ..). She presented me a with a cookbook by Nicola Graimes “Whole Foods” that gives more than 100 vegetarian recipes for “Health and Healing”. I have several cookery books, including ones about vegetarian cooking but this one is the best. If I had had the right ingredients this weekend I would have cooked something already. Thanks aunt Yvonne!

In his blog Mark Miller (Markmillermusic) has put a few documents on diets and gliomas in his library. Apparently (I’m actually surprised it surprises me) there is this relation but I have no clue what to eat and what to avoid to improve my chances. At the moment I drink no alcohol (for obvious reasons) and try to eat less. It is a good start but I can do more. I’ll keep you posted.


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