March 31, 2008

Today will be a busy day and it started with a lousy night. Although I didn’t drink anything last night (coffee, tea, water) after dinner and went to bed around midnight did I wake up every hour of the night to go the toilet. I have a numbing headache (it’s always there but not really painful, a kind of permanent pressure)  on top of my head on the left side.

My gastric acid levels are still high, the pain in my stomach has not become less. Again, it is not unbearable at all but just an indication that I probably should do something about it. During my working period in Italy have I learned to appreciate espresso and although I already cut down on it (max. two cups per day) do I now think I should not drink it at all in the evening. Every evening my sweetheart Monling prepares a dish with different kinds of fresh fruit for me. Thanks baby, I love it!

I would like to have another CT scan made and have it compared with the CT scan of the 22nd of March. I suspect that the endema has not become better and if that is the case this could mean something for the activity of the Glioma. I’ll try to approach this positively, believe that as the 24th of April draws closer that also psychosomatic factors are going to play a roll but I need to know. Enough is enough. I left a voice mail with Super Nurse.


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