Tendons and Muscles: Shoes!

March 31, 2008

As I announced this morning: a busy day. And I even have been doing some work for the company, believe it or not. Time for a positive note from the Physiotherapist. During last week Friday’s treatment he concentrated on the front of my lower right leg but the more “South” he goes the less my complaints start to have any bearing with existing tendons and muscles. The complaints have become a complex mixture between what is physically there and what is neurologically missing (are you still with me?). A dialogue is required between us where I tell him exactly what problem I have and he, using trial and error, tries to mitigate the pain.

He gave me some exercises last week to improve my sense of coordination of my right foot (forgive me if this is Foreign Johny English). One is the exercise that I described before (25th of March 2008) but a new one was to use the heel (easier) or my toes (difficult) to write letters on a smooth floor. I tried these exercises at home with the result that this morning I had a very sore leg from the right knee cap downwards until the right side of my lower shin (Tibia).

To resolve this he started with a short massage of my right thigh and he then proceeded to massage my shin. Wonderful! I could almost feel the muscles relax. Finally I worked the home trainer for 10 minutes. The result is great as I can now lift my upper legg until it has a horizontal position, have a reasonably relaxed shin and were able to keep my foot straight on the home trainer. This weekend we (Monling and I) want to try to take our bikes around the Sloterplas (a rather nice lake in front of our house), also to loose some calories in the process.

The Physiotherapist discovered that I’m unable to control the horizontal position of my foot (in a plane passing through the standing body parallel to the floor). He suggested to wear high(er) shoes like light weight hiking shoes.



  1. ‘Johnny Foreigner’ English. That made me laugh. Very 1950s usage, very perfectly applied.

    Hans-Uitlander might be an equivalent, perhaps? Sorry if that’s actually Afrikaans, since my Dutch vocab is limited to less than the thumbs of one hand…

  2. Thanks for the compliment and I’m impressed. I just checked and according to Google “Uitlander” is the equivalent of the Dutch “Buitenlander” (foreigner). How come you speak Afrikaans?

  3. I don’t speak Afrikaans. But a long time ago I spent an undergraduate summer on a diamond prospect in the upstream Orange River valley – the southern part of the Kalahari Desert, really, where it runs into South Africa.

    It was a life-changing trip. I travelled there as an unaware and naive young student, and I returned as a political human being.

    ‘Uitlander’ was the one word that stuck with me. Maybe because that summer I felt a foreigner, stuck in the middle of the Boer heartland, in the wilderness of the apartheid years.

    I learnt some geology there, but I learned much more about life.

    Buitenlander? Excellent – I’ll add that to ‘oranje’ and ‘totalfootball’. Pretty soon I’ll be fluent !

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