Seizure III (Minor)

April 2, 2008

I had a minor seizure today. I felt it coming as the paralyses spread from my hand to my fingers and to my arm. I expected it to go everywhere else but it affected only my hand actually. I called for my wife, could talk with her and my right leg was mobile but I still dare not to move my body. The fear for a full blown seizure was too great. I decided against calling Super Nurse, she’ll call tomorrow anyway. It took perhaps 15 minutes before my hand was back to normal but even now (12 hours later) my right fist and left fist do not feel the same. It is an awkward feeling. I expect that the additional Keppra that I take since Seizure II may have anything to do with the fact that it didn’t spread. A good question for tomorrow.

I’m making long hours, like yesterday and the day before yesterday. The implementation of the Budget Module in Salesforce (FY2009) requires a lot of coordination and although I’m now officially staff-less do I get great support from my friend the Salesforce guru. He does all the work actually. Thanks matey! Today I had to send a few e-mails and I feel that I did reasonably well. Not too many errors.

I ordered a book yesterday from a (still) minute publisher called De Werken in Amsterdam. Today it was promptly delivered. They publish books that smell good, feel good and look great. They are an honest publisher who try to make a difference. I hardly ever read Dutch books but this book made me change my mind. The book is about Boudewijn Büch (1948-2002), a Dutch poet, writer and TV programme maker with a very interesting fascination for Goethe and Mick Jagger. I have never met Boudewijn but I did meet his brother Menno several times in a great bar in Amsterdam (Bar ‘t vliegertje). A pioneer as far as sex lines and sex TV programmes are concerned (Menno Büch-Dare to Love). Interesting characters both brothers. I’m looking forward to reading this book.

I was called by a doctor today who was seeking my participation in a Keppra research programme. I have agreed to at least listen to her objectives. I was also invited for a group discussion with suppliers, doctors and patients on Enbrel, a special drug against Rheumatism. I have been suffering from autoimmune disorders for most of my life and Enbrel (TNF Blocker) was the only thing that helped. Just once a week an injection (subcutaneous so a piece of cake) and I was completely free of complaints. Great job Wyeth! Unfortunately I’m no longer allowed to take Enbrel as it seems that for fighting a brain tumor you need a hyperactive immune system.


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