Foot and Leg

April 4, 2008

I slept not so bad last night (I had to go to the toilet ‘only’ 5 times during the night), got up at 8:30am with a headache but had a pretty productive day today. I used to morning to chase a few people on the budget, I tried to understand the intricacies of more advanced Salesforce reporting (I failed) and prepare myself for Physiotherapy. My leg was pretty sore again so the Physiotherapist did his magic on my inner thigh and Tibia that rapidly felt better. It is annoying me though that the effect does not last and I wanted to know why that was.

Remember that on the 31st of March the Physiotherapist discovered that I’m unable to control the horizontal position of my foot (in a plane passing through the standing body parallel to the floor). That is not the only problem. For some reason my foot does not want to stay flat on the floor. He explained that this has to do with a combination of different muscles and tendons (Peroneous Longes, Peroneous Brevis) that run down from the knee all the way through the right side of my right leg to my foot and the Tibialis Anterior that runs through the front of the leg. Then there are several other smaller muscles for my toes that are also involved. It is very complex. I’m however convinced that I should do something to reduce the need for physiotherapy all the time. I have an alternative for the hiking shoes: basketball shoes and I’m going to get them this weekend so I can practice a few times in the gym with my Physiotherapist.

In the afternoon a friend came by with an excellent CD (“The space between us” by Craig Armstrong), just the music I like (thanks Marcus!). He feels it is music suitable for a movie and I believe he right about that. As a matter of fact when I checked Google I found this link about Craig Armstrong that proves that he is not only a composer but also writes music for movies. I couldn’t prove that “The space between us” is movie also music. Anybody out there who can confirm that? 

A package with a beautiful Italian tie was delivered today. I was from a colleague who lives in the area of Brussels and his wife. I used to work for a while in Brussels and it was a great time. Life in Belgium is completely different from living in the Netherlands. They are a bit more formal I think but they have such a great culture. Last week the city of Antwerpen was introduced on TV (I believe that it is the second city of Belgium, right after Brussels). There are so many lovely and special restaurants there. We will have visitors over from Italy next week, I think we will take them to Restaurant Lieve (the only real Belgian restaurant in Amsterdam). I’m getting hungry again! Magda and Hendrik, thanks so much for the tie. A very special gift very appreciated!.


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