Basketball Shoes

April 5, 2008

Last night our evening walk took us to the local supermarket and there we bought the last ingredients needed to survive today and the next two days. So no compulsory Saturday morning shopping today but instead a good opportunity to get basketball shoes. My wife Monling drove me the nearest sports shop, mostly friendly people but their goods are unpredictable in quality, supply and price. We finally left with a nice cap, some sweatshirts and socks. Because the salesperson kept repeating how nice the offer was.

Basketball ShoesWhile walking to the next shop I received a txt msg from my sister Marjolijn. She had obviously read on this weblog that I was looking for Basketball shoes and briefed me on shops, brands and types. My sis is a fountain of wisdom. So I looked up the address of the nearest sports shop she was talking about on the Internet (using my PDA) and off we went to the area around the Ajax Football Stadium. We found the best bright red basketball shoes (closing high around the ankle) but of course they were NOT in my size. Monling found however a good alternative: the blue Nike Air Flight basketball shoes you see in this picture! I hope that my Physiotherapist approves of this model. Dear ladies thanks a lot to both of you!

I would like to be able to watch TV and use my private and office computers from my sick bed while recovering at home. I get easily bored so I need plenty of things to do. I do not want to be surrounded by a lot of IT, just the most essential stuff. That prompted me this afternoon to spend some time on the Internet looking for either (1) a proper LCD monitor for my PC that also allows me to watch HD TV or (2) an HD TV that also has the capability of doubling as a PC monitor.

You probably know that I have a kind of impulsive purchasing style so I was very disappointed to learn that these were requirements that could not easily be met. Many different and clashing technical standards, problems with resolutions, cables and boards and when I thought I had figured it out I found that my PC’s do not even do HD TV or at least can’t transfer as they do not even support HDMI and PCI Express. I feel so stupid! Anybody out there with some clever ideas?

So why all these details? Just to let you know that today I feel splendid! I don’t think I have had so much energy in weeks. Leg is fine, I have had relatively little headaches today, my stomach is just a little sensitive but my right hand has fully recovered from seizure III.


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