April 7, 2008

I’ll refrain from talking about my morning ritual, it’s the same everyday. I did some work in the morning and went, with a headache, for Physiotherapy with my new shoes. Wilfred spotted them immediately and had to laugh. The shoes are high and difficult to take off so I decided to skip the massage. So 15 minutes on a home trainer (that went well) was followed by learning the basics of walking.

How to step forward with and without looking at my foot (difficult) and how to step forward with a bend knee and then stretch that leg (very difficult!). Wilfred wants me to put down the heel of my right foot first and then roll the rest of my foot forward in a controlled way. I have not that much control over this foot-ankle system with the result that after I put down my heel the controlled roll is actually a loud ‘flap’. That causes a strange sound effect “FLAP flob FLAP flob”.

Wilfred will take care of postponing my Physiotherapy (last treatment 21st of April) and he will talk to my Rheumatologist to discuss my participation in this hospital’s dedicated “Neurology Team”. I hope that a holistic approach (Rheumatism and Neurology) will maximize my chances that I will recover any functions that I may have left. I guess though that recovery and revalidation of my functions related to the functional area for Speech and Emotion will also need attention. Today I have no idea about the scope of the “Neurology Team”.

The Dexamethosone has an effect similar to Enbrel (Etanercept) on my Psoriatic Arthritis although it for sure is not as effective. I had to stop with the Naproxen to avoid the build up of too much Gastric Acid and I am therefore afraid that when the treatment with Dexamethasone against the Edema stops (I’m still taking 2 x 4mg daily) I’ll be right back where I started with the Rheumatism. Perhaps at that time I can restart with Naproxen again but I would prefer going back to Enbrel.


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