Gyoza and 1000 hits

April 9, 2008

Gyoza making

Monling volunteered to get the ingredients for my most favourite food yesterday. While a friend was babysitting me she went to China Town in Amsterdam to do some shopping. She came back with beautiful fresh Nira (flat Chinese chives), Shitake (Japanese mushrooms), Chinese Cabbage, Tofu and Mu-Ehr (Tree Ears). This morning we spend a few hours cutting all those ingredients in 5mm dices after which we put some salt in the mixture. Soon we could squeeze the liquid out of it using clean linen cloth. Also added to the mixture were two fried eggs, soy sauce and sesame oil. Monling then started to prepare the Gyoza by skilfully wrapping small spoonfuls of the mixture in little round sheets of pastry. You can see in the picture how she shaped them. After several hours she had prepared 85 of them and this evening I had a first 15 for dinner. How wonderful life can be!

I decided to live downstairs while my leg will be recovering from surgery and last week a friend helped me to measure all doorsteps we have on the ground floor. The doorstep of our front door is particularly nasty and high. My friend was here again this afternoon to take us to the local Home Care department to shop for any means that can help across the doorsteps in our house. We were informed by the staff of the Home Care department that any doorstep up to 5cm high should be no problem but that for either permanent or higher doorsteps another agency was responsible. Tomorrow I will give them a call. We also learned that all this can and will be arranged by hospital (Patient Transfer Department) with the Home Care department. It is seems to be far better organized than I thought! Marcus, thanks so much for your help!

Further to my post on the 5th of April in which I seek advice on my TV/PC monitor problem did I receive great feedback from Hendrik, my Belgian friend (from the necktie). He apparently had the same requirements and he bought a Sony TV to solve the problem. He made many suggestions and pointed out some pitfalls and even found a solution for having to switch between different PC attached to one LCD TV/PC. This afternoon Marcus had a look at his response and we discussed some alternatives. UPC (the local TV cable company is not extremely clear on how to connect things). I’m blessed with good friends my friends.

Today is also the day of the FY2009 budget negotiation. The meeting was in Reading (UK) and I was unfortunately unable to go. I’m very curious about the outcome. Did the Salesforce implementation work and how were the reports prepared by Ubbo received? By the way this weblog has generated more than 1000 hits. Far more than I expected.


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