New taps

April 10, 2008

Still (only) two weeks until surgery. I’m getting nervous. I had a bad night with a lot of cramp in both legs but not that much of a headache in the morning. Super Nurse called later and we agreed that I would drop 0.5mg Dexamethasone in the morning (I’m now at 3.5mg twice daily). The Keppra stays where it is (2x250mg three times daily). She also prescribed a sleeping pill per my request.

A few days ago we invited my parents for lunch but as I still needed to buy a thermostatic shower tap and thermostatic tap for our sink (operated by a single lever) did I ask them to take me to the local bathroom superstore. We were Initially served by a woman who obviously was not used to the concept of “Customers”. My mother found however a tap wizard. He told us exactly what we needed and with a lot of parts and boxes we left the store and headed for lunch.

It was a good lunch (just me and my parents) with plenty of time to talk about the things you can read in weblog but, as they don’t read it, don’t know. Our plans to move and the surgery planning for example. We came home and then my parents suggested they help with the installation of the new taps. Now I completely underestimated the complexity of this task! We also found (after we had turned the main water off) that we lacked tools and later also parts. It rapidly became a disaster and there was no way back. It took us until well into the evening (and after dinner with pizza) to get things fixed. Mom and dad, thanks for your great help! I was so tired!

I’m going to take a sleeping pill. See you tomorrow!


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