So much pain!

April 11, 2008

It is our wedding day today.

I woke up 3 times last night according to my wife, I remember only one of them. I was standing in an unknown room with white tiles and I had no idea how I got there and how to get out. Must have been our bathroom. Sleeping pills do strange things to me. What I do remember though were the horrible cramps in both legs. As if all muscles contracted at the same time. No matter what I did, no matter how I tried to relax and stretch the muscles, nothing worked. And this in both legs, front and backside. So much pain! 

Early this morning my hand started to throb while in the bakery, I couldn’t spread my fingers and I expected a fourth seizure. That didn’t come, fortunately. The uncomfortable feeling in my hand was there until late in the afternoon. I hope I shouldn’t take it as a sign that tumor has grown through the functional area of my right leg and is now nibbling at my right arm and hand.   

This morning one of our financial advisors, a very friendly guy, came to see me. He owns the company with which we closed and re-closed our mortgage deals, a long time ago when he had just three people working. His company has grown substantially and his life is good. A real self made man, nice car and filling every minute of his free time with scuba diving. I asked him for personal advice last week and today he came to Amsterdam to deliver it. Cool to see. We discussed my tumor and he was interested to hear what the medical plans were and then he discussed our mortgage and our options and he told us full enthusiasm that he would come by with a final proposal next week. He told us not to worry and so we don’t.

Around noon I had to go to the Physiotherapist but as I didn’t trust the situation with my hand did I ask my wife to go with me inside the hospital. I asked Wilfred for help with my muscles and the man worked wonders with his hands again. It was painful at times but well worth it as I felt the tension slip. Thanks Wilfred!

After the visit to the Physiotherapist we went to the market in Amstelveen and while we were there we looked around for signs of available real estate. There were several and we recorded their names. We will keep you posted of progress.


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