About to wind down ..

April 19, 2008

I really had a great night last night. I slept for hours, hardly woke up in between and got up at 8am. No appointments in the morning so plenty of time to work on my weblog. My weblog was suffering from a serious backlog and I heard from many people, either directly or indirectly, that they started to become concerned about what was going on.

And yes I can see where you coming from. No less than a week of time has expired between my post of the 11th of April and my post of the 15th (actually written several days later).  Not only the preparation for the meeting with the Neurosurgeon and handling his not very positive feedback (for the second time) were to blame for this. Several other “sub-projects” were about to land so I’ve been incredibly busy. I appreciate your concern, it is awkward but heartwarming that this blog actually works better than the way I intended it. On the 9th of April I reported more than 1000 unique hits, today (only 10 days later) that has increased to more than 1500 unique hits. It is absolutely irrelevant information but amazing nevertheless.   

Since yesterday is every day the “last” day before surgery. The last Friday, the last weekend, the last Monday and Tuesday and then we’re there. I’m not completely ready yet but then again I’m satisfied. I think that we’ve done a great job in preparing for all eventualities, often only possible with the help of many of our friends (see below).

Our finances have been properly arranged by Eric Jan, thanks to Marcus do we know how to deal with Home Care and the “Special handyman” and my family has helped out with fitting our bathroom for use by a lefty at mere expense of pizza’s. Hendrik and again Marcus helped me with the difficult choices related to the TV/Monitor and Bas and Fabio helped out with the Italian social system. Danielle and Frans sorted the same on the Dutch side. Martha and another dear friend have supported me all the way with Reiki (I use it quite successfully to relax) and friends from literally all over the world have send me their supporting messages.

Lenka and Robin, Sadakane San, my newly-found friend and source of ultimate wisdom Roads and Maarten (3x) thanks for your messages. Frits and Regine about to embark on a world trip are regular passers by and the good old Italian “Three Musketeers” keeping me informed of the right time. Maurizio and Katja came for the second time to the Netherlands to see me, Simon cheers me up sending crazy jokes by txt, Giuseppe keeps me up to date on the status of his tulips and Frits is going to push my wheelchair while I can’t talk yet. That will be interesting. Dick and Ellen it was so good to see you today and your gifts typical of who you are. I must have forgotten to mention a couple of people but I have to blame the tumor for that! Thanks to all of you!

I’m about to wind down, forget the weblog a bit. I will not be able to type and express myself properly anyway. More traditional ways of communication (telephone, e-mail, txt msgs) will take the place of my weblog as my wife and family and certain friends will try to make whatever they can of my motionless and speechless recovery period. Please bear with them.



  1. Good luck friend. I will think positive life enhancing thoughts for you.

  2. Best of luck, Payter. Will be thinking of you on Thursday. Hurry back.

  3. Good luck my friend. Just waiting to see you ready for the next challenge.

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