Not ready but still .. signing off!

April 22, 2008

There were still so many last minute things to do that it is again midnight on the day before surgery. I haven’t even been able to load all songs in my iPod or instructions for my wife about my complex filing system. Or time to look at the floorplans together and no time to study mortgage proposals. And no time to check whether the HD TV is functioning or not.

So I just want to make sure you haven’t missed my New Surgery Update page. Updates will be concise but I’m sure they will be meaningful. My sister will make sure of that. Hope to see you all in a while!



  1. Will check in to check up on you soon.

    All best wishes from London.

  2. Well done my friend!! Sleep well waiting for the sunrise.

  3. I’m delighted to read that Payter has endured the surgery intact and in good shape. Now for some rest and recovery.

    All best wishes from London.

  4. Hoping for your excellent recovery – stay strong.

    All the best from Sidmouth, Devon

  5. I hope so much you continue to recover well – I am sure the words will come in time. Have faith – all will be well.

  6. I’ll echo those sentiments exactly..

    I can remember my father’s brain operation very well, even though it was 11 years ago now. He spent the first hour in the recovery room making complex calculations from pounds into kilograms to prove to himself that he was still capable.

    No one thought to check his maths.

    Afterwards, everything seemed to have gone just fine. And so it had.

    But then we took him home, and we sat him down. A few minutes later, the grandfather clock struck the hour.

    ‘What’s that?’ he asked, perplexed.

    ‘It’s the clock,’ said my mother.

    ‘What’s a clock?’ he replied.

    Just to illustrate that there’s a fundamental kind of shock to the connections which is involved. And to assure you that all of my father’s faculties came back. Every one. But it took quite a bit of time.

    My mother often jokes darkly that people had speculated about the (remote) possibility of some kind of personality changes occurring. ‘That might have brought some real improvements,’ she says.

    But they didn’t because they didn’t happen. He’s exactly the same as he was before. Just the bloody same… in fact ;-)

    All best wishes to you, from London.

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