August 25, 2008

 Exactly four months later than my first surgery I’m back at “Cranius”. I’ve missed you all and from the many cards and other signs of attention I’m getting the impression that you missed me too! Please forgive me from not writing earlier: my condition didn’t (doesn’t) allow for it.

I’m currently at home and go to the RCA on most weekdays. My right foot and leg are almost back to normal whereas my arm is still painfull (“Frozen Shoulder”). The radiotherapy has been completed but as a result the skin of my skull has been infected. My energy is slowly returning (for example: to come to this point in this text I required a total time of 72 minutes – yes, your eyes do not betray you). I’m walking ok, writing (by hand) is limited still to copying parts of letters (in the way that you would learn this in the elementary school), speaking is going fairly well (limited “only” by an “uhhhh”-sound in case I can’t find a word which results in a problem in 50% of the time). The  problems double vision and double hearing are no longer there but the problem of changed taste is still there.

I’m stuggling with regaining my energy, especially after I was struck by another seizure recently. This also limits the length of my posts. I have the intention write a post every week (yes I know that this will be a serious dent in my service level :0). So be it.



  1. Peter, welcome back!
    is wonderful to know that your energy is returning and you decided to continue the blog: it is my preferred reading because I have the chance to be in touch with you.
    Have you seen the different typing quality between June 22nd and today message? It is a fact. Well done.
    If you are walking ok, please, don’t forget our planned visit to the lighthouse…

    Un abbraccio.

  2. Peter
    What a nice gift finding your post here!!!
    Writing takes time to you… but you are doing it, and… what a quality… well done!!!
    If I know you a bit, you will go on surprising us again and again. I’m very proud about it and you should be as well. Dear frind I look forward to meet you, sooner or later. Regards from Roberta which is wishing the best as well.

    Un abbraccione, Stefano

  3. Lief broertje,

    Where there is hope, there can be faith,
    where there is faith, miracles can occur.


  4. Hey, you are looking great!! And I think Facebook has just reminded me tomorrow is your birthday, right? In that case… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIJNHEER BOSCHMAN! :-)

  5. Welcome back. I only realised you had moved to this page today. Happy belated birthday for 1st September! The best birthday present of all must be to be home with your family and the gorgeous cat I see you with in the photo.

    I wish you health and happiness in this coming year. Stay well and keep on keeping on …

  6. Congratulations on fighting your way back here. I’m afraid to say that I’ve had a busy few weeks with an office move and a new computer to struggle with.

    In the scale of things, those are entirely trivial. And I’m delighted to return and find you here. All strength to you.

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