September 15, 2008

Last Monday we were very busy. It started with an hour of psychotherapy. We, the therapist and I, have changed the program from a free format discussion of paintings to an equally serious discussion about “death”. Not that I’m giving up (on the contrary) but to prepare myself for the inevitable. The next two days I could take a rest and Thursday and Friday were stuffed with therapies again. Friday and Saturday we also went shopping to a local supermarket. We went on foot. Superb!  

My family came to see me today and we had a quite open discussion about my condition while Monling served tea with moon-cakes (or coffee to the two male visitors) to our guests. We discussed my dilemma (double surgery or wait and see) and all agreed that, if it is possible, I should go for wait and see. Well we’ll see about that. In a moment we’ll have dinner (Sunday). Enjoy!



  1. Great MAN, I follow your…how to say experience, nice, very nice to read about you come back.

  2. Dearest brother, what a beautiful words, which you wrote on 25 August and with which you concluded the page New Surgery Update. We are glad, that you write the blog again by yourself, so that we know how it goes with you. Even if it goes slow, we find that you are making good progress. Being aware of the value of your food is super. We talk about everything in our short visits. But some questions and uncertainties still remain. We only can observe and sometimes to recommend. That is difficult for all of us. In a little while you will have more energy and fewer therapies. Then we can perhaps visit you more. We admire your courage and perseverance and your grandfather would say: “Laat je niet lompen!”

  3. Pater, I admire your courage in preparing, for we must all die one day. But don’t forget there is much living for you to do first. Have courage and take the steps you need to ensure that you have the best quality of life for as long as possible – that is all any of us can hope for.

    Stay well. I think your writing is amazing so soon after your surgery. You must be a very strong and resiliant man.

  4. My thoughts as well. None of us really knows the future, but the worst thing would be not to make the best of this gift of today.

    I wish you all the time in the world.

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