Angelina Jolie

September 22, 2008

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Monday morning the 15th of September started off with psychology, therapy that I’ve come to appreciate because I can talk freely about anything that bother me. Next were the speech therapy and the communication group. We have a new therapist and she is much more strict and demanding. That’s how I like to see it! In the afternoon we to a movie (“Wanted”) and this time it was a blast (perhaps due the appearance of Angelina Jolie …. ).

Tuesday no therapy but we planned a visit by a visitor instead: Els van de Water. Unfortunately one of our cats was in pain so we had to cancel the visit with Els and plan a visit with the vet instead. Sorry Els!

On Wednesday my friend Marcus came to see me (he stayed for dinner) and on Thursday I was treated by my physiotherapist. She treated my arm. Unbelievable how many muscles and tendons you have in your hand, arm, shoulder and back that are needed for moving your arm and perform tasks like writing. I did fitness (both hands) and table-tennis (left hand only) again. In the evening we were visited by Frits Meyer and we had a wonderful evening. I met Bas on Friday afternoon and had a long chat about my situation. My parents called on Sunday and reminded me of my appointment with them. I do forget more and more appointments and I’m afraid that this is an irreversible phenomena.



  1. That’s why you have a calendar in your mobile phone Peter :-) Just don’t worry about that and have fun.

  2. I agree – I forget things all the time! I think it is called getting older. LOL!

  3. Yes, I agree exactly with what Jan was saying there. If I remember correctly.

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