Japanese dinner

September 28, 2008

I played table tennis this week and received physiotherapy. During fitness I met a patient called “Bert”. We found that although we had never before, we had been treated at similar dates, for similar kinds of tumors and by the same neurosurgeons. We compared experiences and it was exciting to meet someone who has been through it all as well. I hope to meet him again.

Last night we went out for dinner in a Japanese restaurant by tram (!). I had a Japanese style salad (with seaweed) and sushi: kappa maki (cucumber roll), onigiri tamago (sushi egg) and futo maki (thick vegetarian roll). I also had a typical Japanese stirfry but I had to ask the waitress to take it away (note the minute difference: the waitress returned with a doggiebag while I had asked to remove the plate). 

A few weeks ago we had dinner in an Indian restaurant which I enjoyed more (please refer to the picture taken in the Indian Restaurant). For sure that was caused by my changed taste sense.



  1. I’m a spouse of a glioma patient who was diagnosed after a grand mal seizure on Dec 31 2007. My husband went through many of the tests you describe, and had an awake craniotomy in January. About 90% of the tumor was removed, and he went through 6 weeks or radiation during the spring. These were dark days for us. Like you, my husband faced post-surgery challenges we didn’t anticipate, and has made progress slowly but surely over time.

    My heart goes out to you. There’s no way to describe adequately what brain tumor patients face, both emotionally and physically. You are handling this very difficult situation with grace. I felt the need to respond when I read your last post. It makes a world of difference to connect with someone in a similar situation – I hope that you can keep in touch with this patient.

    I hold you in my thoughts, and send warm wishes for good days with physical progress.

    Sincerely, Betsy

  2. Payt,

    Damm, good to see you back online! Your pictures are great and your serious face makes me laugh;-) Glad to see that you are still enjoying food and tee…. Japanese Green Tee is your favourite I know. Che scifo!

    Sorry for not responding for such a long time…no internet…lost password etc. I know…excuses but this time these are real.

    While I am preparing my trip I am thinking about you and Monling. Good to see that your energy level is coming up again and that your are become the champion in ping-pong! The next olympic games are close by in Londen 2012 so with a bit of practise I see you there:-p

    Take care buddy, cu soon.


  3. Great to hear that you are well enough to be dining out. Enjoy!

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