Surgery #5

October 12, 2008

Last week I informed you about the status of the wounds on my head. They are leaking for months now and nobody knows why. Very frustrating! Everyday my wife has to rinse my head with water while I try to sit still on a chair in the bathroom. Total treatment including undressing/dressing and putting three different types of cream and at least five types of bandages on my head takes at least 45 minutes.

This week it was time for my treatment by a Plastic Surgeon. He was accompanied by my Neurosurgeon. Together they discussed the condition of my head wound and then they decided that treatment with vacuum devices would not do me any good (as suggested by my Neurosurgeon).

An alternative approach was suggested where skin and bone were cleaned at the location of the wounds. Coincidentally these wounds match perfectly with the four drill holes made months ago to fix the ‘door’ in my opened skull. To me (and others) this seems too much of a coincidence. The wound was cleaned and sealed under local anaesthesia. Next week Monday I will receive the next part of surgery, fully anaesthetised this time! I have no idea about the exact time surgery takes place or how long it takes.



  1. Fifth surgery when does it in god sake stop..? I wish you all the strength again to go through this and I am quite sure that this time around the wound will close. Must be. Keep up the faith and continue to fight this unfair battle. I am sure you will win in the end..is just a matter of time. Take care & your in my thoughts.

  2. Thinking of you… every minute. Be strong. G&M

  3. Stay well – hoping things improve.

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