Still kicking

October 19, 2008
Fat eyes
Fat eyes

When we were told to expect an appointment with the Neurosurgeon and Plastic Surgeon in two weeks, we were surprised about the appointment being anticipated to last Monday (as announced in my last post). Even better! I was prepared for complete anesthesia and two hours later I woke up again, my head hurting like hell. The surgeons had performed a procedure that included cutting away infected tissue and cleaning and stitching the remaining skin (now somewhat smaller). 

I slept most of Monday only to awake on Tuesday with a splitting headache and two very fat eyes (one so fat I couldn’t see with it). I received daily visits from the Neurologist, the one on Tuesday most memorable as the Neurologist took a large sterile gauze and started to rub my head with it! That hurt like hell. I asked him if he thought I was behaving like a wee wining baby too much but he said that I was his hero instead (which I doubt very much)!

The rest of the week (Thursday and Friday) I recovered from the surgery (before I planned to show you a ”Before” and “After” picture but after watching the result I descided against it).  The Neurosurgeon kept it a secret whether or not we could go home and (until he gave the “All clear!” on Friday). My wife kept my wounds clean (rinsing them with water and washing them with Betadine shampoo).  Tomorrow we have to go again to the hospital for a check of the wound on my head. We’re anxious to learn what his verdict is: Good, Bad or Too early to tell.



  1. Lieve Payter,

    Frits en Regine reizen op dit moment op 5000 meter hoogte in het Himalayagebergte en kunnen daar niet op internet. Ik heb de laatste berichten over jou daarom naar hen door gesmst en zij (en ik natuurlijk ook) wensen je veel sterkte en denken aan je! Hopelijk helpt de laatste operatie om de wond beter te laten helen. Je bent ook onze held hoor.

    Groetjes, Annemieke

  2. U r so funny! Good luck today.

  3. Hi Payter,

    Reading this blog entry made me very happy for two reasons: you managed to survive another surgery and I finally look more handsome than you do. Will be in contact again after our holiday in China next week. Stay healthy & save!



  4. My word, you’re going through it! But you’re still standing, and on the flip side, at least you may be the first to set a new hairstyle sensation.

    Wishing you all the best from London, and spirits up.

  5. Lieve Peter, in China zat jouw blog achter een dikke Chinese muur en kwam dus niet langs de Chinese censuur. Inmiddels zijn we in Nepal en kunnen we zelf jouw berichten weer bekijken, zonder een beroep op de tussenkomst van Amiek te hoeven doen. We zijn erg benieuwd hoe het nu met je gaat en hopen heel erg dat de pijn is verminderd. Ook met dikke ogen vinden we je overigens heel lief. Je begint volgens Frits een beetje op de Dikke Deur te lijken :-)

    Dikke kussen, Frits en Regine

  6. Peter, the doctor said: “that I was his hero instead” – never doubt it. You are a hero.

    Most people do not know how brave they are until they are put to the test. You have shown by the cool way you are handling things that you are brave indeed.

    Stay well.

  7. Just checking in to send best wishes from London, and hoping that you’re making steady progress.

  8. Lieve Peter, we keken of er al nieuws was, maar je hebt nog geen kans gezien iets te posten. We hopen dat het je iets beter gaat en dat je binnenkort de moed en tijd hebt voor een nieuw berichtje. Zeker ver weg zijn we ‘hungry for news’ over jou. Kus, Frits en Regine

  9. lief broertje van me,

    Gilbert en ik wensen je heel veel sterkte toe vrijdag. Nummer 6, het maakt me erg verdrietig en onzeker. Wees dapper, lief broertje en vecht je door deze zware periode heen. Ik bewonder je moed en je enorme positieve instelling. Je trotse zus.

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