Surgery #6

November 11, 2008

Yesterday we (per request of the Neurosurgeon) visited the Plastic Surgeon again. The Plastic Surgeon suggested yet another surgery (while I’m anaesthetised) to clean the wound (and close the Grand Canyon), this will be surgery #6. As there is not enough skin left on my head (due to too much tension) will he scalpate me (I couldn’t find a more accurate English verb for the Dutch verb “scalperen”). He will then rotate the piece of skin and make sure that the 4 available arteries leading to scalp (skin of the head) match. Surgery is planned for this week Friday.



  1. All my best wishes Peter!

  2. Peter,

    Looking at the picture on the previous post I can see that they need to close “the grand canyon”. it is such a shame you need further surgery but I guess it must be done. let us hope that this time the improvement is so grat that you will not need more surgery.

    I send you my thoughts and hopes for your health to improve.

    Take care.

  3. As said in our chat of Monday; good luck!

    We are all praying for you so you must get through this one again. Let’s hope this will be the last; you deserve some rest and positive stimuli to continue.

    Talk to you soon.

  4. Hi Payter,

    Jo and I feel humbled by your strength, stamina and determination. We’re thinking of you and Monling.



  5. Hi Payter,

    Elke keer ben ik weer onder de indruk van wat je schrijft over wat jij en Monling allemaal te verstouwen hebben. En de foto’s, die spreken voor zich. Je wordt hier (inderdaad) zeer ‘humble’ van.
    Vandaag ben je opnieuw geopereerd. Hoop dat het goed is gegaan. Wens je vanuit een druilerige & ‘herfstige’ hoofdstad weer alle sterkte toe met het herstel hiervan.

    Beste Monling:
    ik heb heel veel respect voor wat jij ook allemaal doet!

    Warme groeten,

  6. Scalperen. That sounds like ‘to scalp’, although it’s also what the Native Americans did to their enemies. So I hope your surgeon has a gentler approach.

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