November 17, 2008

After 16 hours’ of being sober (starting at 0:00 till 16:00 on 14 November), I finally didn’t get the surgery as planned. I was told that they considered my case not urgent as other (new) urgent cases had arrived at the First Help station. I complained about this but they thought my arguments were useless. No idea who they are and how they could even make such judgement! Monling suffered from long traffic jam before she could finally pick me up from the hospital. That night she cooked me a wonderful meal and did we spend a wonderful weekend together (despite having been abandoned by the hospital).

Today hospital called at about 16:00 informing a new plan for my surgery has been made. I have to be in the hospital at 09:00 tomorrow morning and I’ll get the surgery at 15:00 the same day. That’s such great news! Immediately Monling cancelled all the appointments for the rest of the week, they are:

  • Tuesday (18/11) car maintenance with Toyota garage
  • Wednesday through Friday (19 – 21/11) : many therapies with RCA
  • Thursday (20/11) Marcus comes to help to install the new modem

Well, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT! At 19:00 hospital called again to inform us that tomorrow’s surgery has been cancelled in favor of another patient whom they consider again more urgent. We’ve been abandoned twice and we can’t describe how disappointed we are. They have been unable to close the wound since July and as long as they don’t succeed in that I can’t have the planned Chemo.

Don’t get angry we told ourselves, anger helps nothing! Maybe that’s the most important lesson I learned during the past one year.



  1. Hi Peter and Monling,
    Just read “November”. Yeah, sometimes “they” think they know better. And anger is indeed not the thing you need. Peter, I hope “they” will come back to you very very soon and you will get the surgery to close the wounds.
    Keep smiling, although its sometimes hard.
    Love, Caroline Mesman

  2. Amice, ik moet gelijk weer denken aan de parkeergarage en hoe onmetelijk gelijk je had toen je daar zachtgezegd erg boos werd op die sukkels. Die boosheid is weer op zijn plaats. Ik merk dat ik mij plaatsvervangend aan het opwinden ben. En ze hebben geluk dat ik zo ver weg ben en dat ik niet zo boos kan worden als jij…

  3. How frustrating! I hope they’ve found a take-off time at last, and that you’re feeling more comfortable now.

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