Farewell my dear boneflap

November 26, 2008

I had my surgery at 15:00 on Friday 21 Nov. 2008, well…..my boneflap was finally still removed. The surgeon told me before the surgery,  there’s possibility he’ll remove my boneflap today. Due to an infection of my wound that lasted too long (5 months) he was convinced that there’s infection under the boneflap. If the boneflap will be kept in place there’ll be a near 100% chance of infection during future chemotherapy. I was most afraid of again losing a substantial part of my speech and motor functions, but another surgeon (who is the chief of this department) told me that won’t happen.

Monling was phoned by the surgeon at 17:00 and she was told that I should be awake from anesthesia in 2 – 3 hours’ time. So she was very surprised when I phoned her at 18:40. I was amazed that not only I woke up very quickly but also I was clear enough to phone her. Well, my boneflap was indeed infected so it’s gone. And the chief surgeon is correct, my speech and motor functions are not affected by this surgery. Moreover, the attendance of the plastic surgeon during the surgery improved the quality of the surgery itself.

Yesterday I got a helmet as a protection for my brain (remember, a boneflap with size approx. 10cm x 15cm was removed!). Now I have a helmet with a hole underneath (in my skull) covered with a very thin (but thickening as we speak) layer of skin: dsc05366-custom4



  1. WOW! Well you are better off without the bone flap if it was affected. You need to be rid of all infection for a chance of true healing. It is a pity this had to happen but it does seem for the best.
    I’m intrigued to see the photos.

    Stay well – I am in awe of how you have coped. Very best wishes for continuous health.

  2. Buddy,

    It is fantastic news that you recovered so well from the surgery and keeping your speech and motor functions. Since I don’t really understand what it means not having a bone flap I can’t really comment on that. I am just so happy that you feel better and that the risk of another infection is removed. Your energy and positive attitude is coming through the blog! So this must help further recovery. Take care and talk to you soon.

    Regards also to Monling from far away

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