I’ve got a beard

December 7, 2008

I’m home! I have been dismissed from the hospital since November the 29th. That morning I was washed by Teddy who also shaved me. She created kind of an imperial beard for me (please refer to the picture). She was willing to do so under one condition: I must regularly publish a picture of my “beard” on this Blog (still pathetic) beard is now a week old. Teddy, what do you think? ‘


 I put the promised (in my previous post) picture(s) of my “helmet” below I hope these pictures satisfy your curiosity! It was actually a surprise that they let me go. Just in the morning the doctor came to my bedside to inform me about the bacteria (a “dangerous beast” according to them) they had found during the surgery. From above the boneflap the wound looked clean but when they removed the boneflap and turned it upside down they discovered this bacteria: streptococcus. He told me I needed to stay in hospital for another 6 weeks (antibiotics).

Fortunately for me the bacteria was already gone (unknown destination) so I could go home. I’m feeling fine at moment. No headaches, what a difference with last week just after the surgery!!! (pls. refer to the pictures below). I’m just very, very tired while there is actually so much to do. This week Tuesday the remaining stitches will be removed and then the road is clear for Chemo Therapy.

Three weeks ago

Three weeks ago

Last Friday my good friend Marcus came to see me to fix our phone. We decided to have pizza for dinner so we took his car while I tried to spot the Italian restaurant “Marcello”, famous for it’s ‘pizze’ (plural for pizza). We couldn’t find it. What we found instead was a 100% halal pizzeria called Canaletto. You can guess the rest of the story: Marcello became Canaletto, change of ownership. The pizze of Marcello were superior to those served by Canaletto, but not much!

Yesterday we took a walk in the park across our street while I was wearing my helmet. I didn’t receive any reactions (maybe because it was dark). Also not about my beard. I guess that the people in Amsterdam are used to strange helmets and beards! However, when the traffic light (for pedestrians) turned green we started to cross the street. From the corner of my eye I did see a black Mercedes shooting towards us. We could just avoid colliding with it!!



  1. Monling likes to correct a little bit……
    Peter’s picture marked as “3 weeks ago” was taken on
    23/11/2008, and another one as “2 weeks ago” was taken on 24/11/2008

  2. Jongen toch, wat een verschil inderdaad. Je bent weer zo goodlooking als je was! Nu maakt Frits geen kans meer om er beter uit te zien hoor, haha!

    Veel sterkte met de chemo! Volhouden hè.

    Groetjes, Annemieke Venderbosch

  3. Hi Payter!

    I’m impressed…
    Onder de indruk van de foto die ik het eerste zag (looking GOOD!) en vervolgens van de foto’s die ik daarna zag toen ik mijn muis ook maar verder naar beneden stuurde. Wat jij allemaal aan kunt, daar word ik stil van (ook wel eens fijn, haha). Maar echt, zoals je daarna weer (op)staat – met die zeeer ‘coole’ baard (houden!) plus die typerende Payter-humor in je verhalen, dat maakt dat ik je meteen wil laten weten dat je echt een Superman bent!

    Sterkte, en een hartelijke groet,

  4. Hi Payt,

    Both helmet and beard look great! I give in, you win!



  5. Ciao Payt,

    Great to find you with beard, you look like an American rapper! Cool ;-)

    I am very happy to read that your are fine under the circumstances. Your typical jokes about the restaurant remember me of the good times in Rome. Take care, hope you will have a nice Xmas.


  6. You are looking good Payter, stay strong and heal.

    What beard? (laughing)

  7. Hoi Petertje, eindelijk eens via wordpress een berichtje van mij. Na wat prive lessen van Bas ‘hoe zet ik een reactie op wordpress?’ Ennuh…met of zonder baard: je blijft mijn gekke mannetje! Het is fijn te lezen dat het weer een beetje beter met je gaat. Gelukkig en deze laatste foto, daar zie je er ook weer beter op uit. Dat doet me goed. Heel veel sterkte verder en groetjes aan Monling.
    Knuf Qliek

  8. He Buddy,

    How is it going? Hope you are fine and your beard is even more impressive…


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