Merry X-Mas 2008

December 26, 2008

I never thought that I would live to see Christmas again. But I do, and yes we celebrated it per my request with a dinner last week in a fine restaurant (with the six of us) and by having a great Christmas lunch today (we were invited by my parents): Metzo. We had a great time, on both Sunday and today. Thanks mom and dad! You showed me how wonderful Christmas can be!


My father and my (satisfied) mother


My sister


I’ve been “Off the air” for a few weeks for no good reason actually. My wound has healed well (final check next week Friday) after 6 months of continuous infections. I went to the Pedicure for the second time to have my toe nails treated (I especially appreciate the feet massage). We’re in the process of terminating our companies (yes again, but this time it is final unfortunately). Erik Jan is helping us with that.  

Erik Jan and I

Erik Jan and I

Marcus (I have no photo from him but I’m working on it) is still helping us with our telephone /fax /internet system but is seems to be such a bastard of a setup that even Marcus and Erik Jan (who offered to look at it) couldn’t make bananas of it.

Frits (Meijer) paid us a visit to see with own eyes that I”m doing (rather) well. As always we had a lot of  fun but soon I had to send him away because I became too tired.

Frits Meijer and I

Frits Meijer and I

Danielle came to see us in the revalidation centre. I was still covered in sweat from a game of badminton with my therapist (I like to play badminton but am not good at it, my condition is also poor). She (Danielle) told us that she was sick at home also (get well soon Danielle!).

Because Monling went shopping while I was in the RCA  I asked my mom and dad to come to the revalidation centre last Monday. Monling had bought “appelflappen” for us that we (especially my father) liked very much. We talked a lot until my next therapy started.

Later that day Marcus accompanied us to a trial of a play performed (each year) by staff of the RCA. I was specially invited by my psychologist and physiotherapist. We had to laugh because it was a weird play, the play you would expect from the infamous John Lanting. Afterwards we went to an Indonesian restaurant just across the street: if I had been Johannes van Dam I would have given a 5 because of the lousy quality. 

As you can see I’ve made good use of my week off but now I’m knackered. I’m so tired that you will have to do without the homemade “Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009” card. Those of you that send me a card: a big kiss or hug for doing so!!! A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all of you!!



  1. Hi Payt,

    What a nice pictures. I am really happy to see you smile and having fun with your family. Your food appreciation is back which is an excellent sign. Thanks for your Xmas wishes.

    CU soon :-)

  2. Hi Peter,
    Pffffffff, finally a note again. I already started worrying. But it is good to see you like this !! Have a nice rest and a good start of 2009 !
    A big hug from me,

  3. Ciao Peter
    It is nice to see you smiling!!!
    You’ve got a nice Christmas… now it is time to have a nice NY day as well.
    We wish you the best!


  4. What a lovely “catch up” post – I enjoyed reading it. I am so glad that your fears were proved wrong and you made another Christmas in relatively good health. best wishes to you and your entire family.

    And most importantly, I wish you a HEALTHY and HAPPY New Year. You deserve it to be good – your determination to get well and your bravery have left me in awe of you. Have a great 2009!

  5. Hi Peter,
    it is very nice to see these photos. you are really very well and this is the best presente for the end of 2008 and the start of 2009.
    We always think about you and we suffer for the fact we cannot meet you personally but in Italy everybody remember about our wonderful period together.

    we wish you a 2009 full of serenity and all the best things you and your familiy would like to have.

    Dario and Loredana

  6. lief broertje,

    vanavond zijn we met z’n vieren bij elkaar om eindelijk 2008 af te sluiten en gelukkig aan een beter, ik hoop minder stressvol, 2009 te beginnen. We zullen op jullie drinken en aan jullie denken. Morgen zul je merken hoe lekker Chris haar oliebollen weer zijn.

    Liefs en tot gauw, je zus en de rest van onze familie.

  7. Dag super Payter,

    … met je super foto’s en je mooie verhalen over warme, gezellige en smakelijke momenten samen met je naasten en vrienden. Mooie momenten na zo’n turbulent jaar.

    Wens je een goed nieuw jaar weer toe, met nog vele mooie momenten!
    Wederom een lieve groet,

  8. Lieve Pjotje, we vonden het super om jou te zien smullen van onze oliebollen,dus denken we,dat we aan het eind van 2009 voor jou wel weer een schaal vol mogen bakken.
    Na al die maanden van tegenslag ben je nu erg goed. Laten we maar hopen,dat de chemotherapie daar niet te veel verandering in gaat brengen.
    We wensen je samen met Monling veel sterkte in de komende tijd. Kus deboppers.

  9. Hello Payt,

    I just want to send you a warm, sincere big hug, with lots of love light and laughter.

    Su ( a friend of Bas)

  10. Hola Peter,

    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! My family and I wish you a very happy and wonderful 2009 from Madrid. Have been following your blogs, you and the people around you are an example for many.

    Gerco Schoemakers.

  11. Ciao Payter,
    Buon Anno! Os had me op de hoogte gebracht van je blog. Het doet me heel erg goed om te lezen dat je met ons het nieuwe jaar in gaat.
    Forza & abbraccio,
    Paul & famiglia

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