Happy New Year!

January 9, 2009

A bit later than usually is the case: we wish you all a very Happy 2009! We wish you a healthy and prosperous life (whatever that means in your case). A lot has happened since my last post, now I finally have the time and energy to type it down.

snezka-bizzcard-140x60At the end of last year we had to prepare ourselves for the transfer/closure of our two companies (Amergin and Snezka). In May 2008 we had already sold 50% of Amergin to my friend Eric Jan. My condition however got that much worse that I could spend 0% of my time to my company and my wife Monling was too tired to take care of the administration (to take care of a demanding and forgetful husband is a job itself).

My good friend Maurizio Calderone

My good friend Maurizio Calderone

We decided therefore that we had to inform the other shareholder about our decision: selling sell our 50% of Amergin shares to Eric Jan too and close Snezka Holding. It brought tears to my eyes to have to let my companies go. I hope that my successor turns Amergin and its shareholding in the Italian company of my dear Sicilian friend Maurizio Calderone into a success!

On the 2nd of January Monling and I had a lunch in a Chinese Restaurant. While we were waiting for the check I got a minor epileptic attack, limited to my right arm only. Monling called a taxi and when we reached our home I went straight to bed. Fortunately we had just finished our lunch! The day before yesterday (9th of January 2009, how time flies!) the same thing happened, the only difference was that it this time happened at home. That made it simpler: I could lie down on the floor (in the ultra busy restaurant Oriental Palace was no floorspace available ofcourse).

Bas and me

Bas and me

Bas has been back from his trip through Asia and on his way home he paid me a visit. We discussed my condition as well as his trip. He made such beautiful pictures! After dinner with us we took our laptops out to compare settings of “WordPress” (the “language of this blog”). Such lunatics we are :-)! I appreciated his visit so much. I can recommend his Blog by the way: Aspire to inspire before you Expire”. He posted all pictures from his trip.


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