January 12, 2009

Already many weeks I’m asked by my physiotherapist whether I’m interested in hydrotherapy and, if so, when we can start with it. I, in turn, ask my neurosurgeons, plastic surgeon and oncologists for a positive answer. That answer came last week from my neurosurgeon, dr. de Witt Hamer, and was positive.

Dr. Philip de Witt Hamer and me

Dr. Philip de Witt Hamer and me

And so it happened that last Monday the 12th of January 2009 I found an appointment for my first hydrotherapy with Rosalien, my physiotherapist, in my schedule for 8:30. My first impression was that the air in the pool building was so hot and humid. Regulations require that I am to be accompanied by 2 persons (they were actually with three therapists plus my wife) in case I get an insult. On top of that the pool has a floor that can be raised and lowered.

Rosalien (hydro-/fysiotherapist) and me

Rosalien (hydro-/fysiotherapist) and me

There is pleasantly warm water in it. Nice! What I didn’t expect was that I felt so unstable in the water when Rosalien made me float in the pool and then walk around. I had to constantly compensate for the lack of power in my right leg. Afterwards I was more tired than I thought!



  1. Sounds like it will be helpful therapy. Glad to see you doing so well.

  2. Stoere broer,

    De eerste chemo zit erop, vijf dagen lang, een pil per dag. En nu heeft je lichaam 25 dagen de tijd om deze chemische zooi te verwerken. En dit nog 5 keer! Mijn god, wat maken jullie een zware tijd door….

    Wees sterk en weet, dat we er altijd voor jullie zijn. Kus van ons.

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