Thijs’ Electronics Building Kit

January 15, 2009

Marcus passed by, not to solve a problem with the telephone this time, but to demonstrate Thijs’ electronics building kit. In the end you can’t present a better gift to a teen-aged kid then what you always wanted as an adult. We picked some appealing designs and they actually worked. Their names are too difficult for me. They were humming and flashing on and on. On the photo below the master himself is still unaware of an upcoming challenge.


Still unaware of the challenges ahead ..

Ah, the mistakes were spotted and automatically Marcus’ “Fault Finders”-behaviour kicked in. First he removed the power leads, then check the wires (flawless!!!!) and then the active components. Re-connecting and yet without success! Again and again without success. But Marcus is confident that he can find the mistake. 


Ahhh .. a mistake was found!

It must have been a faulty design. Marcus decides to correct it in the manual by comparing the schematic diagram on page 56 with the drawing on page 4. The resistor of 333 Ohm should have been connected to the gate of the NPN transistor.  


No .. we didn't find the solution! Must have been a faulty design!


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