A next step in Logopedia

January 29, 2009
Logopedy Therapist Laurien

Logopedy Therapist Laurien

First I have to inform you about a bit of a setback: I’m no longer allowed to have multiple logopedia sessions per week. Considering that the inability to find words within one hour is my worst problem (I’m exaggerating of course) then it will be clear why I consider this a setback. It is not that have problems finding difficult words only: I’m unable to find the easiest words.

The answer of  my therapist was that I had been trained in finding ways (approaches) to overcome these problems (describing the word, finding synonyms for the word, etc) which is true. She mentioned also that not all therapy session have gone: there is one left. It is during this remaining 30 minutes therapy (per WEEK!) that I have to combine walking and talking. That is such a fantastic experience.

For those of you with word finding problems this will come as no surprise. As I can only perform one activity at the same time, I can only walk or talk (have a conversation). When I’m distracted by traffic or if we’re talking about a topic that requires more attention then I can’t find the proper words. I then mix words in different languages (Dutch, English, Italian, …) and stumble and stutter over the easiest sentences and constructions.

I tried to talk about topics that I feel safe with or to fire questions at her. However she seems to be able to walk, talk, listen and observe. I’m beginning to believe those stories about women doing multiple things at the same time are true! Hopefully we will continue to take walks in the park because these walk&talk sessions really work.



Last but not least: in the background you can see a (six-sided or hexagonal) church. The same church did I see every day from my bedroom in the RCA. While looking at the church and imagining the Vondelpark behind it I often saw some greenfinches flying. Nowadays it is no longer a church but the “Orgelpark”, a location for organ concerts. You can’t imagine how I wish to stand in the little tower on top of this “church”, listening to organ music while watching the people below.


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