Birthday of my sister

January 31, 2009

We celebrated the birthday of my sister in a restaurant on the other side of the Sloterplas (a lake located opposite from our house). I don’t feel safe to travel alone so my brother-in-law and my sister came to pick me up.

I felt quite uneasy. Not because of my brother-in-law’s driving (he sticks to the maximum speed, doesn’t “drink-‘n-drive” and looks out for any lunatics that you’ll find in traffic). No, I’m feeling uneasy when I’m forced to face a situation where I’m not in control. Actually: I hate it when have to depend on others for performing tasks that I used to be able to do myself.

Anyway <sigh>: the food (lunch) was delicious though (my dearest sister spend her money on a three course lunch). Thanks Marjolijn!


One comment

  1. Hoping you are continuing to recover and do well. The frustration of not being able to do what you once did must be hard to handle; although there may be more improvements in time.

    Stay well.

    Best wishes from Jan in England.

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